Summer calls for late nights by the fire pit and early mornings drinking coffee thinking you should have gone to bed earlier the night before. 

Once I have a Summer tan going on, most days I don't even put on makeup and I usually toss my hair up into a ponytail. However, there are times when getting ready is required and I have found 5 products that make getting ready a whole lot easier. 

I don't know about your but I love products that can take my Summer routine down to 20 minutes or less!

1. Lange Thick It Cream: Where are all my girls at with fine hair? This product is the bomb.com. I prefer to put it in when my hair is damp and then blow dry the rest of the way. I have NEVER had a product make my hair feel thick and have body like this one. Plus, it's pink so that's pretty darn fun too!

2. Lange Sea Salt Spray: No, this is not a paid ad for Lange products. LOL. I seriously just LOVE these two! Spray this on your dry hair before you curl it for a beach wave feel or spray it on wet for added texture. I use this along with the the Thick It Cream but could also be used separate. My favorite thing about the Sea Salt Spray is how it helps my little baby hairs and flyaways stay down. If you have ever watched @anapatriciaboutique Insta Stories, you know these were a problem!

3. Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express Mascara: I am usually one that doesn't buy "cheap" makeup because honestly my skin is very sensitive. However, this mascara is one of my go to's. It doesn't clump and the volume is amazing. Of course, this time of year waterproof is a must for those times you head to the pool or lake. I keep an extra mascara in my purse because I am notorious for forgetting to put mascara on. It is always the last part of my routine and if you forget to put it on, well that's just not a good thing! 

4. Tarte Shape Tape: Say goodbye to undereye bags. Did you read above about late nights and early mornings? A great way to look fresh and not put on a "full face" is to use this under your eyes and a little bit around the top lip. I also add just a small dab on my eyelids since there is no time for eyeshadow! I use a cheap beauty blender to blend it in. 

5. Hotline Hair Ties: The saying a hair tie is just a hair tie is not true! These have been an absolute game changer for me. I wear my hair in a ponytail ALOT but these don't leave a crease in my hair when I take them out. I also use them when I wear a top knot or bun because the coil helps add just a little extra volume. I am more of a "The bigger the hair the closer to God" kinda gal. 


Now get out and enjoy your Summer! Spend those extra minutes doing what you love instead of spending it in front of a mirror by adding a routine like this to your day. 

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